We believe that great customer service comes from a sound understanding of product knowledge, range and fitting. We take pleasure in the fact that we help customers find comfort and satisfaction through their footwear purchases. Customer service is a top priority at Yodgee as we understand that each and every customer has different needs. We seek to identify our customers’ needs and strive to satisfy them. At Yodgee Footwear, we are determined to become a leader in comfort footwear and quality accessories.


In 1939, George Yodgee, a shoe repairer by trade, opened his first ‘shoe repair’ store in Commercial Rd, South Yarra. After a short time, he introduced into the store a small range of leather bags and luggage, along with some ladies’ and men’s footwear. He became one of Melbourne’s first ‘while u wait repairers’. He employed up to 6 repairers, including some of his eight children. In 1965, George shifted across the road to our present site at 204 Commercial Rd. George’s daughters worked in the front of the shop and were well known and liked in the area. In 1975, Lois Yodgee, George’s daughter bought the business. She built and grew the business and then sold the business to Gary and Anne in 1986. Gary has continued to develop the Yodgee family business. Yodgee has become known as the shop that sells a large range of footwear including Birkenstock, Merrell, RM Williams, Dr. Martens and others, with an emphasis on comfort footwear. In recent years, Yodgee began selling a range of accessories including Hedgren bags, in addition to a wide range of ‘comfort with style’ footwear, we have now improved our offer with quality essential accessories, comfort inserts for shoes, great quality socks( made in Australia), shoe cleaning and maintenance products, and beautiful functional bags by the world leading bag manufacturer, Hedgren.


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